Experience the thrill of Viking Swim Tour - swim like a Viking!

A day of swimming, culture, and history

Explore the historic waterways of Roskilde Fjord

  • Row a Viking boat
  • Swim a nice swim with the old cathedral as your navigation point 
  • Enjoy a nice Viking meal
  • Learn about the Viking history and their ships



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Aug 25


9:45   Meet at Roskilde Viking Museum

10:00 Rowing with the Viking ship to get to the starting point

12:00 Swimming back to the Viking Museum

13:00 Lunch - Viking lunch at the Viking Museum

14:00 Possibility for a tour of the Viking museum - experience how Viking Ships were built.

What you get

The Viking Swim Tour includes

  • The Viking Swim, where we sail out in a Viking ship and Swim back.  (and a tow boat that take the Viking ship back
  •  A follow boat to ensure our safety

    • Lunch at the Viking Museum including a drink
      • Tour of the Viking museum


To join this trip, you must be able to swim 1,5-2 km in open water after 90 minutes of rowing the Viking Ship

This time of year, you can expect temperatures from 16 C (60 F) to 22 C (70 F), so wetsuits are usually advised. 

We always swim with the Swim buoy for visibility and we advise for using a wet suit

Guides on the trip will swim with lifeguard safety buoys that are made for saving people ashore and there will be a boat following the group. 

Guides also have an open water lifeguard test, but you are still responsible for yourself, and we all take care of each other when we swim together. 

Not included in the trip

 Transportation to Roskilde, Denmark

Swimsuits or wetsuits



Anything else not mentioned in the "What you get" section above.

Personal insurance